Welcome to Hotel Himara

About the Owners

Sondra and Pedro are your hosts at Buena Vista.  Originally from Oklahoma they first came to Roatan on family vacation with Sondra’s mom, Patty.   They fell in love with the island and saw an opportunity to share their experience with others.  The design and build of Buena Vista has been the realisation of their shared vision and they all three now live full-time on Roatan.

Sondra, Pedro and Patty still have strong roots in Oklahoma and love going back to visit family and friends.  But they are island folk now.  They have invested themselves heart and soul in Buena Vista and love to share their beautiful home with guests.  They warmly invite you to Roatan where the sea breezes and sunsets of Buena Vista can work their magic on you too.

Buena Vista Values

The Guest Experience

Sondra and Pedro’s vision for Buena Vista is to create an unforgettable vacation experience for their guests.   A safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing home-base from which they can experience Roatan and all her natural beauty.  

Upon arrival to Buena Vista guests will realise they are somewhere very special.   The physical space serves to greatly enhance the guest experience. An exclusive location with direct beach frontage and unparalleled access to the reef.   Sweeping views of the sea from every vantage point.  Architecturally designed living space and countless tiny details – from top-quality building materials to a consistent commitment to design aesthetics.   

Combined with the exceptional hospitality of Sondra, Pedro and their team – their passion for the island, wealth of local knowledge, naturally warm hospitality and willingness to go the extra mile for their guests – the recipe is created for a truly magical immersive experience.

Hospitality and Service

What makes Buena Vista truly exceptional, apart from the incredible location and views, is the level of hospitality extended to the guests.  Sondra and Pedro live on-site and personally oversee the guest experience from check-in to check-out. They have a wealth of local knowledge and a genuine passion for sharing their love of the island with guests.  Their genuine concern for the guest experience extends to their staff.  The on-site Buena Vista staff team are caring, attentive and will go the extra mile to ensure guests are safe, comfortable, and happy.  

Buena Vista is a vacation rental property and not a full-service hotel.  The Buena Vista guest typically values their autonomy and privacy.  But if anything unexpected should occur or a special need arises, Sonda, Pedro and their team are going to treat you as they would a member of their own family.  This should be particularly reassuring to people who may be feeling some concerns about traveling for the first time to a third-world country. 

Buena Vista is located in a small tight-knit residential community. Sondra and Pedro are active contributors to the community and conscientious neighbors.  Their guests will be the beneficiaries of this warm and friendly community vibe.


Buena Vista has a clear sustainability agenda.  Sondra and Pedro have a deep love for the natural beauty of Roatan and understand that the pristine sea and healthy reef is key to maintaining a viable tourism economy for the island.  

The Buena Vista sustainability initiatives includes:

  • Sponsorship of the Roatan Marine Park.  
  • Beach clean-up program.
  • Reef-safe cleaning products.
  • Promoting reef conservation to guests.
  • No single-use plastics or styrofoam products.
  • Guests and staff awareness for appreciation and protection of local wildlife. 
  • ACME state-of-the-art reef-safe septic system.
  • On-site water purification.
  • Plentiful purified drinking water to refill personal water bottles (reducing use of SUP)

About Roatan


Roatan has a tropical climate with temperatures of 75-90 degrees. Heavy rains are possible mid Oct – mid February.


Getting to Roatan is easy. Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (RTB) has service from Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and New York, as well as charter service from Milan, Toronto and Montreal They also receive flights from La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa.

Currency & Language

Honduran Lempiras and US Dollars are used on the island (make sure your US bills aren’t torn or marked!) You can easily get by with English but some Spanish basics would not hurt!

Things to do in Roatan

Roatan has an abundance of activities to offer, from watersports, tours, land activities, and more, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Buena Vista provides complementary kayaks, paddleboards, mask and snorkels to explore the reef from the beach in front of the resort!

Roatan Vacation Rentals